How to convert AIFF to MP3?


What is AIFF? How to open it? AIFF is an audio file format standard used for storing sound data for personal computers and other electronic audio devices. The audio data in a standard AIFF file is uncompressed pulse-code modulation (PCM). AIFF files can be opened with Windows Media Player, and likely many other multi-format media players. 

You can just listen to the music with AIFF on your computer with the player metioned. However, in case you will enjoy this music on other multimedia devices which don't support AIFF, you have to convert to other audio formats, usually, MP3 format. What software can be chosen to convert AIFF to MP3? Xilisoft Audio Converter is the all-in-one audio conversion software, especially the conversion from AIFF to MP3, which can help you convert AIFF to MP3, convert audios among WMA, WAV, AAC, FLAC, OGG, APE, etc easily with excellent music quality.

The tips will sh you how to step by step convert AIFF to MP3 with the powerful AIFF to MP3 converter software.

1. Free download the powerful and simple-to-use Xilisoft Audio Converter, install and launch.

2. Add the AIFF music files from the "File" menu in batches.

Xilisoft Audio Converter

3. Choose the proper output folder and the profile "MP3" format.

Xilisoft Audio Converter

4. Click "Convert" button! After a few minutes waiting, you can play the converted MP3 files on your any portable music devices like PSP, iPod.

Xilisoft Audio Converter

Tips 1: If you need, append many tasks at one time and the AIFF to MP3 converter will convert them one by one for saving your time.

Tips 2: Xilisoft Audio Converter software provides various audio encoders such as Lame MP3 Encoder, Microsoft WMA9 Encoder, OGG Vorbis DLL Encoder, etc., for enjoy different music. Also, you can make more detailed settings for encoder such as Bitrate, Bandwidth, Channels, etc.

Tips 3: After audio converting, the software will help you reserve the ID3 tag in the original files. And the ID3 tag information can be edited.

Tips 4: As powerful audio converter software, it can convert other audio files among almost all formats such as WMA, WAV, AAC, FLAC, OGG, etc.

User-friendly interface and fast conversion speed make the whole AIFF to MP3 conversion much easier and faster. Why not download it to have a free trial at

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