Top Mac DVD Ripper software Review

A good DVD Ripper software is a must have tool for movie fans to watch hulking DVDS on their portable players. Lots of similar rippers, which are hard to tell good or not, has emerged in the market. To rate a DVD Ripper software, what need to be taken into consideration is the capacity to decrypt any DVD, the output format range, program stability, ripping speed, output quality, user customization, and user friendly level. We will make a contrast of the most popular Mac DVD ripping software from the above perspectives. The applications we are reviewing include 4Media DVD Riper for Mac, iSkysoft DVD Ripper for Mac, Aimersoft DVD Ripper for Mac, and Xilisoft DVD Ripper for Mac.

 Basic functions:  support of any DVDS and most output formats

As the top DVD ripping programs, all of the four apps are expert in ripping any protected DVDs with region code, CSS, RCE, etc. Likewise, most mainstream output video formats like AVI, MP4, and WMV are all included in their format lists. What need to mention is 4Media and Xilisoft DVD Ripper both support latest HD video formats , which makes them precede the other two programs. What’s more, Xilisoft also has the feature of exporting DVD frames in batches by certain time interval.

Top Mac DVD Ripper software Review
Quality: ripping speed and output video quality

Generally speaking, ripping speed of each DVD ripper software mostly depends on computer’s performance. And as the keep-pace technique, no program shows prominent capacity over others on this aspect.  Therefore, we rate them all four and a half stars.

Top Mac DVD Ripper software Review

User customization: video effect, video trim, subtitle adjustment, technique parameters

Most of the  time, people would like to customize the video when ripping DVD. All the four programs support user customization including video effect, video trim, frame crop and audio track chosen, etc.  Compared with iSkysoft and Aimersoft, 4Media and Xilisoft provides more, up to 10, video effects for choosing. And they support multiple segments video trimming while iSkysoft and Aimersoft only support trimming one part from DVD title.  Adjusting font and position of subtitle, adding water mark, setting expert parameters are availbabe in 4Media and Xilisoft DVD Ripper for Mac.

Top Mac DVD Ripper software Review
Installation, program stability:  package size, file loading, program performance

Installation package size - 4Media one package: 15.2 MB. iSkysoft Intel Size:13.02 MB, PowerPC Size:11.43 MB.  Aimersoft  Intel Size:11.8 MB PowerPC Size:10.5 MB. Xilisoft one package: 14.5 MB.  According to usage experience, iSkysoft and Aimersoft sometimes have problems like response delay when loading DVDS. While the built-in DVD player in 4Media DVD Ripper for Mac may work improperly with some DVDS. Relatively, Xilisoft DVD Riper for Mac works smoothly in the whole DVD ripping process.

Top Mac DVD Ripper software Review
User friendly level: interface design, ease of use

All of the four DVD Ripping programs show their concision interface and user-considering design. Strictly speaking, iSkysoft and Aimersoft are more detailed in the step-by-step guide and text companied button on their interface. They deserve the 5 star on user interface design.

Top Mac DVD Ripper software Review

Each of these four Mac DVD Ripper programs has their own reputation in the market. Compared with iSkysoft and Aimersoft, 4Media and Xilisoft DVD Ripper for Mac cater to new market needs in a more efficient way. So if you need HD supporting, subtitle adjustment, and more personalized settings, 4Media and Xilisoft will be wiser choices.  Nevertheless, all of them are good enough to deal with common DVD ripping.

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