How to burn ISO to CD/DVD?

ISO file contains the content of the whole disc, including every single track, directory, file and information about the structure of the disc, like a snapshot "image" of a CD/DVD-ROM’s file. ISO images are widely used to copy existed CD/DVD discs, transfer them on web to other location or persons, and burn to CD/DVD that will be an identical replica of the original disc.

But what is the perfect ISO Burning Software? Here we recommend a new released tool called Xilisoft ISO Burner. With beautiful and intuitive interface, the software can burn ISO file and other image files to CDs/DVDs. So then, the article is a simple and rough guide which will tell you how to burn ISO to CD or DVD with Xilisoft ISO Burner.


  • Launch Xilisoft ISO Burner.
  • Go to Image file section and check the ISO file to be burned.
  • Insert a blank or rewritable disc.
  • Click "Burn" button.


  • If your disc is not empty but rewritable, you should choose to erase the disc first. If not, the program will remind you of continuing or canceling once clicking "Burn".
  • The application will show the maximum write speed after inserting the disc. You can also choose the speed that the data is written to the disc. See write speed menu as "auto", "2.4x", "4x".
  • To ensure the usability of the disc content, the program can verify the written data after burning if you check this setting.
  • With after done action, you have no need to wait until the burning ends. It will automatically shut down or exit once burning is over.

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