Tips about how to convert videos to MP4 for PSP


  • The trial version of PSP Video Converter is fully functional for 30 days of its trial period.
  • Load files
  • Fire up the multifunctional videos to MP4 converter software and choose the files you want to convert.
  • Set output folder and filename format.
  • Select "PSP" as the output file format. And the default output folder is c:Temp, you can change to other folder.
  • Start the videos to MP4 Conversion with videos to MP4 converter
  • You can start to convert video to MP4 for PSP by clicking "Convert" button.
  • Show you more features:
  • 1. Add multiple profiles for the same video file
  • Select the video and click the "Add Profile" button to set multiple output formats for one files simultaneity, and you can get several video formats for your different players.
  • Convert videos to MP4 for PSP, PSP Video Converter
  • 2. Customize output file size with Bitrate Calculator
  • To custom output size, select the video file and click Tools >Bitrate Calculator, and input the file size to get exact video file.
  • Convert videos to MP4 for PSP, PSP Video Converter

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