DVD to Zune Converter - Upgrade information

Upgrade information


Version: 6.5.1

  • Supports AMD APP(ATI stream) encoding technology;
  • Easier to use.

Version: 6.0.3

  • Makes the built-in player resizable;
  • Switch the zoom mode between 4:3 and 16:9;
  • Classifies the profile settings into different types;
  • Added the function of power management.

Version: 05.00.40

  • Optimized profile for Real Audio;
  • Optimized default settings for some profiles;
  • Improved the audio output quality with certain profiles.

Version: 05.00.37

  • Update language files.

Version: 05.00.36

  • Improved compatibility with AMD CPU;
  • Added support to WMV profile;
  • Added support to Real Media files;
  • Added French language support;
  • Improved the preview capability when running in Windows Vista.

Version: 05.00.35

  • Improved the ease of use, such as a dropdown list will turn up automatically for selection when you try to add profiles;
  • Improved the vision design for Windows Vista.

Version: 05.00.34

  • Improved the program appearance;
  • Optimized the audio playing during DVD preview;
  • Preview under Windows Vista works well now;
  • Enhanced H.264 encoding speed;
  • New support for MPAVBR encoding;
  • Promoted displaying of status label and log info.

Version: 05.00.32

  • Promoted performance of the program on computers with AMD processor;
  • Straight purchase through 'Start' menu.

Version: 05.00.28 ( Major upgrade from Version 4 to Version 5 )

  • Profiles are optimized with different resolutions for more convenient conversio
  • Choosing multiple profiles concurrently for one source file is supported in Xilisoft DVD to Zune Converter 5;
  • You can customize output file size with Bitrate Calculator and take snapshot when previewing now;
  • The new version will check for updates automatically to ensure you own all the latest functions;
  • Provides the "Run in Background" function and 5 "After Ripping Done" options to enhance your computer performance.
DVD to Zune Converter - How to upgrade

How to upgrade


If I have purchased your software, can I upgrade it for free in the future? If yes, how?

  • You can always update your software for free. Most of our products checks updates automatically. Select "Check for updates" in Help menu to use this function. For other products, you can get the update version from our website.
  • As for software upgrade, you have to pay it. Please contact us to get the link if you want to upgrade. Previous users are given a preferential price to upgrade their software.
  • You may also upgrade online, click here for our software upgrade page, submit your purchase information and we will reply with the upgrade link.
  • Note: License code you purchased for the old version is invalid for the upgrade version.